Who we are

The foundation of the company was a logical outcome of cooperation of two people working in the fire safety industry. The POBEST brand was created in 1994 by a self-employed person, a fire protection engineer who focused on the fire protection of buildings. Since 2000, provision of fire protection services has been the second line of business. By combining the two lines, POBEST, s.r.o. was founded in 2006. The company provides services not only in fire protection but also in the area of occupational safety and health.

The company has established itself on the market as a professionally capable and reliable partner with a dynamically growing product portfolio and a team of recognized specialists.

We provide top quality while having regard for an efficient solution for each business partner.


1994 -
formation of the POBEST brand
fire protection engineering
2000 -
fire protection services
fire protection technician
2004 -
extension of services with OSH and certified safety technician services
2006 -
POBEST, s.r.o. association and creation of a new legal form
2013 -
personal data protection
environmental safety

2014 -
extension of our team, new products and services, realization of fire protection systems and fire protection constructions


Let us know about yourself and show us what you can offer. Maybe we have not considered extending our team just because we have not met you yet...

Are you interested in working with a professional team in a family atmosphere?

Are you looking for a job in which you can fully apply and evolve your skills?

Are you looking for a company which offers stability and which you can grow together with?

Honest, hardworking, loyal
applicants with professional approach are always welcome. Let us know about yourself and show us what you can offer. Maybe we have not considered extending our team just because we have not met you yet...


Has a law degree. She has been providing fire protection, occupational safety and health services since 2000. In recent years, she has also largely focused on personal data protection.

She is a qualified professional in the field of fire protection (fire protection technician), OSH (certified safety technician) and personal data protection (responsible person).

She is a management systems auditor according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001and OHSAS 18001.

She has been managing the activities of POBEST, s.r.o. since its establishment in 2006.

Štefan Mikle 

A fire protection specialist under the brand name of POBEST since 1994.In 1996-2000, he was the head of the Fire Prevention Department
of the Regional Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Service in Trnava.

Since 2000, he has been dealing with fire safety in a privately held company, where under his leadership conceptual designs and detailed solutions were formed for fire protection of buildings and fire extinguishing systems, including complex industrial facilities and unique technologies.

He is actively involved in legislation, he is a co-author of the Decree that is a primary regulation on fire safety of buildings and he participated in preparation of several standards on fire safety and fire protection facilities. Since 2008, he is Chairman of the SK1 Subcommittee for Fire protection of Buildings of TK17 Technical Committee at the Slovak Standards Institute.

Imrich Hornák 

He has worked in the field of the implementation of firefighting systems since 2000. He is a certified professional for the "Site Manager" activities and has received training with all relevant manufacturers of fire extinguishing systems components, such as Tyco, Minimax and Victaulic.

Under his leadership, large-scale, comprehensive fire extinguishing systems and fire protection facilities were implemented for major investments in Slovakia, whether for industrial protection, administrative buildings or commercial complexes protection. His commitment and dedication to professional technical solutions are a guarantee of high-quality and uncompromising implementation of each project, but, first and foremost, of always satisfied business partners and users.

Pavol Hornák

He has been working in the field of implementation of fixed fire extinguishing systems for more than 10 years.

He has quickly established himself as an expert in this field and became a top expert in the contract management, from project preparation to the successful launch of the system and its delivery to satisfied customers.

He has been in charge of implementation of various types of fixed fire-extinguishing systems, from the most widely used sprinklers up to special types of fire-extinguishing technology.

Jaroslav Seifert

He has worked for more than a decade in the provision of maintenance services for customers, of which for more than 5 years he has been a recognized expert in the field of management and provision of maintenance services for fixed fire extinguishing systems.

He has been in charge of regular statutory inspections, as well as the non-stop service at home and abroad. During this period he gained a broad perspective and expert technical and practical knowledge of inspection activities, maintenance and repair of various types of fixed fire-extinguishing equipment, ranging from the most widely used sprinklers to special foam and gas fire extinguishing systems.


We have obtained a lot of experience in the past 15 years while providing safety solutions for shopping centres, office buildings, hotels and various manufacturing plants, from:
• clean premises in electrical engineering, through
• chemical industry plants producing, processing and storing flammable liquids and other dangerous substances, up to the processing and disposal of municipal waste.


- individual approach
- professional dedication
- comprehensive solutions
- qualified experts
- years of experience
- strong background
- stable company
- family workplace
- reliable partner
- security solutions under one roof