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Deluge system

A deluge system is basically very similar to a sprinkler system, but the spraying heads have no thermal fuses that would restrict the discharge of water. After the system activation, all installed nozzles are activated simultaneously and the fire extinguishing system operates over the system's whole area. Therefore, such systems are called deluge systems. The activation of the system may be hydraulic or pneumatic, based on temperature, when individual piping lines with closed sprinklers with thermal fuse are used, or the activation is electronic, by fire detection system.

This type of fire extinguishing system is used for facilities with rapid fire spread, where the full-area delivery of the extinguishing agent is required, e.g. plants with high dustiness, protection of transformer stations, etc.

Other forms of application include the use as a cooling device in case of a fire at technological or storage tanks, as protection against radiant heat, as a water curtain.

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