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Do you need to know the Slovak legislative requirements, understand insurance company's requirements, or find a safety solution according to NFPA, FM Global, VdS or CEA regulations?

Define your problem, tell us your expectations and we will come up with possible solutions and alternatives.


Quality without compromises

Fire constructions for safe buildings, fire detection systems for early detection of fire and extinguishing systems for its successful suppression - we know how to correctly combine these systems and understand their synergy and interactions.

Your preferences determine the direction; we will design the most efficient solution and ensure its implementation.

We design optimal solutions, provide a thorough implementation and superior service.

Successful implementation begins with a good project. The optimal solution comprising fire safety engineering, selection and design of the correct type of extinguishing system with a comprehensive view of the present risks are inherent in our engineers.

Our specialists are prepared to design individual solutions, implement these solutions and provide relevant warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance.


We take full responsibility for any deficiency identified by authorities with relevant jurisdiction.

As your supplier, an experienced team of professionals can fulfil everyday tasks in the area of safety, from fire protection and occupational safety and health through environmental safety to personal data protection.

All services under one roof - use our professional synergies and save your valuable time and resources.