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Gas systems

Gas extinguishing systems are used for protection of areas where other types of extinguishing medium cannot or should not be used; this primarily concerns water, foam or powder. The systems are mainly used for protecting areas with sensitive equipment, such as server rooms, computer rooms, technology equipment, but also for protecting areas with high value items, such as museums, depositories, archives, etc.
Two basic gas types are used as extinguishing gases:
- Natural gases (nitrogen, CO2, argon, and their mixtures)
- Chemical gases (Novec, FM200)

Selection of a specific gas depends on the current terms of assignment and preferences of the client. If possible, we always suggest: Let's take look at it together...

Natural extinguishing gases

These are pure gases, normally occurring in the atmosphere, or their mixture with a defined ratio. The extinguishing effect is always based on the reduction of the oxygen concentration below the volume level at which combustion is not possible.
- Nitrogen (IG-100)
- Inergen (IG-541)
- Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Chemical fire extinguishing gases

BBurning is a chemical reaction and extinguishing gases interfere with this reaction, thereby interrupting it. Generally, the gases used the most are:
- NOVEC 1230 (FK-5-1-12)
- FM200 (HFC 227ea).

The safety of people – creation of safe conditions for escape from the protected area and the correct concentration of the extinguishing gas that is used is always an important factor in the design process.

To ensure flawless function of gas extinguishing system and to achieve the expected result, the extinguishing process control and fire detection at an early stage of combustion, which is usually provided by an electrical fire alarm, are an important part of the system.